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Play Kitchen Sets > Wood Designs Stove Tot suggests Wood Designs kids and teens furniture, the Stove Tot. Reachable by smaller tot size children. Children love cooking for their or just a few friends. Movable knobs add to the realism. All surfaces back are percent healthy plywood. Solid ply baltic birch..
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Wood Designs Kitchen Appliance Set Heritage

Set comes with stove, sink, refrigerator, hutch. Piece maple appliances set. All appliances have smooth, safety rounded edges,
Wood Designs Age Kitchen Set School

Specialtip me not makes age set is the safest buy. The range has amusement graphics that mimic a real . The sink combines
Wood Designs Cottage Appliance Set My

Cottage appliance set with a burner stove, sink with steel style faucet moving knobs. cottage hutch refrigerator provide

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